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Maria Lubanovic

About Me!

Welcome to my portfolio. I am a writer and production designer predominantly working in comedy and TV. I am currently a co-host, audio engineer, and artist for the Screen Jawns podcast. I have worked as a costume intern for Conan and a production designer for multiple projects in both Ohio and California. I was a stitcher and first hand for Ohio University's theatre costume department. My writing experience is in comedy TV and entertainment journalism, with most of it being for Fridays Live, Ohio University's version of SNL that airs on a local public access station. For more information about my projects, contact me at

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Screen Jawns

Co-Host, Audio Engineer and Artist

Check out my podcast, where Savannah Copeland and I discuss everything TV, movies, and anything else found on a screen. I research and host the show. I edit every other episode and create digital art for social media. Check us out at @screenjawns or

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Audio Engineer

Greatest Games Never Played

I am the audio engineer for Greatest Games Never Played, a Lantern Light Studios podcast. Check out the newest episode at and follow us at @ggnppodcast.

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Short Film Work

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Costume Intern

I worked as a costume intern for 2019 Comic-Con. I sewed the collar and tie for the Brony Sanders costume, acquired supplies for many of the costumes like Breastfeeding Hello Kitty and the Sonic Redesign, and bought and rented supplies and costumes for the Snickers advertisement spots. For the Snickers shoot, I sorted costumes and accessories as well as dressing over 30 actors.

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Unscripted Development

I made pitch decks and development materials for CitizenSkull Productions. I used mostly Adobe InDesign as well as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Adobe Illustrator.

Property Healer August 2019
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Micro Towns Citizen Skull